Stan Koren says of the album "Second Hand Store": "A very unique CD... he has some amazing songs on there that just stick with you. They just have, I think, that universal appeal.» Click here to hear the excerpt (Further down on the page are links to other excerpts of Stan's comments as well as a link to his podcasts)




Check out this great playlist application on Sherbrooke's CJMQ. Just type ostrosser into the Search Playlist field to see all the plays we've been getting. Fun.


Here's an audio collection of Stan Koren's kind comments about the David Nelson Ostrosser album Second Hand Store , as he introduces a new song each week on his great Foxhole program, which is available as a podcast here , Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern Time. Stan talks about Rattle When I Walk and the album Second Hand Store


Stan features "Barn Spoiled", November 4, 2009

Stan features "Ain't Much Meat on the Hook", October 28, 2009

Stan features "I Rattle When I Walk", October 21, 2009

Stan features "I Bought the Company"', October 14, 2009

Stan features "G'Ling G'Ling"', October 7, 2009

Stan features "Precious Little Time"', September 30, 2009

Stan features "Second Hand Store (Dance Remix)", September 23, 2009

Thanks Stan!

Thanks to all the campus and community radio stations that have let us know they're playing the album Second Hand Store.
CHUO-FM (Ottawa U) CHES-FM "Hi David, I received it and it sounds great! I put it in our rotation system last week." CJSF-FM (Simon Fraser U) CIDO-FM "Hello David! Yes we have your CD. Yes I have listened to it. I think we will add some of it to our rotation. Nice stuff. Nice variety." CHRW-FM(Western U) CKXU-FM (Lethbridge U) "yep. right now it's at #5 on our roots charts. you can check here: thanks -john " CFAK-FM (U. de Sherbrooke) CFBX-FM Kamloops "We got it, I'll be adding it in a few weeks. Thanks!" (They did!) CFAD-FM Salmo "Like the sound and will encourage our programmers to play it. " CKUT-FM (McGill U - Gerry Goodfriend, Folk Directions) CHCR-FM Killaloe "Hi David: Great music! It's playing right now, and the past couple of days, too. Cousin Ken loves the quarter inch tape and has already played it. Good stuff! dj peanut butter" CHCR CFOU-FM (U de Qc à Trois-Rivières) CJHR-FM Renfrew “Nicely put together” CIVL (University of the Fraser Valley) "Hello David We would like to let you know that CIVL Radio has received your CD. Along with processing your CD into our digital library, we have featured your CD in Our Weekly what is New in the Studio Posted inside our studio. We are currently working on a charting system of the songs played on CIVL radio, that will soon be up and running We look forward to playing your music and hearing from you soon Thank You From CIVL Radio" (Innarresting to see how they do things) CFRC-FM (Queen's University, Kingston) “been playlisted since early June (...)” CFBU-FM (Brock University St-Catherines) “it's been getting play on our “Eclectic Blues” program." CILU-FM (Lakehead U) "I particularly liked Precious Little Time" (Stan Koren - the Foxhole) CJUM-FM (University of Manitoba) “We received it, we added it and it's currently in light rotation”

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