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Hello David. We enjoy your music very much here, at CHCR fm. I am now Station Manager, Plus the only person to still use 1/4 inch tape. Thanks again for sending that nice precise,& warm recording of Second Hand Store to us. ~KJL
Hello my name is Kenny Crawley, you can find me on myspace. I came across Glen Turner on youtube and he's a long lost friend of mine. Can you give him my email? Cheers. Kenny
Let me compliment you on your great website! You've done really well for yourself and I'm glad we found each other after so many years.Keep doing what you do, seeing you're great at it!!! Love Chris
I saw on your MySpace that you liked the Tundra album I did back in the day with Chris Stainton. Well, I am alive and well and living in Germany. Currently I'm in San Francisco playing. Please feel free to contact me. Glen Turner
I'm stuck on the story in "Rattle When I Walk"; it kind of makes me feel good and want to cry at the same time. "I Am Rubber, You Are Glue" is so great; you've all seen/heard it somewhere at sometime; maybe, unfortunately, been right there playing a part. Wouldn't want to be the one who inspired that song. Oh, no. Don't know much about musical instruments, but there are sure some good ones on this album - love the trumpet. It's also easy to imagine Patsy Cline singing a lot of these songs. You should give it a try.
David, I really enjoyed your website - that ziggy eyebrows song is great - funny to have just seen the 2 main stars of that video at Loblaws - I'll visit your site again.
Wish you all the best in your music career!! Gling, Gling!!
Nice Site DNO!

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