G'Ling G'Ling

Summers are hot in Quebec, so when the ice-cream man comes pedalling through the neighbourhood it's a big deal and the kids come pouring out of the backyards at the sound of the "G'Ling G'Ling" (the bells of the ice-cream bike).



 Alternate download versions for mobile devices

G'Ling G'Ling (video for iPad)  1024x768 resolution version at 27 Mb for your iPad tablet

 G'Ling G'Ling (video for iPhone) Smaller resolution (480x320) version optimized for iPhone (26 Mb.)

 G'Ling G'Ling (video for Android tablets) For tablets using Android systems, like the Samsung Galaxy. High resolution eye candy (1280x800) and weighing nearly 50 Mb.

 G'Ling G'Ling (video for mobile phones) For teeny tiny screens like those of mobile phones. Just 176x144 resolution, in a little file under 5 Mb.

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